Grocery Options

I’ve been battling with myself about how little time I have at home, and how it always seems like I’m working my ass off to keep my house clean, or I’m squandering my time by like watching The Bachelorette while a pile of dishes ages slowly in my sink. I almost, ALMOST, almost decided to […]

The Low-Quality Trap

When I go grocery shopping, I’m like ‘budget Budget BUDGET’ at all cost (ha!) and don’t really pay attention to quality. “TEN DOLLARS for a fancy pasta sauce!” I decry. And then I’ll pay 1.5 times that for a plate of fancy pasta at a restaurant and it feels like “I DESERVE THIS.” So, since […]

Cheap-Ass Food #3: Burrito Bowls (sort of)

I haven’t posted for a few days because I’ve been dying of sick. Also my monthly budget has taken a hit, since being sick means I needed to restock¬†my medicine cabinet, and I couldn’t handle cooking or even reheating much of what I’d already¬†cooked, so I got some (really not cheap) convenience foods in my […]

Cheap-Ass Food #2

I swear, I swear, it’s not always going to be pasta. But I’m using it to start with when I’m figuring out how to do massive bulk-cooking-sessions, and the meals I’ve created so far do have pretty solid protein. So here’s another pasta dish, but probz the last one for a bit. Oh and ALSO […]

Cheap-Ass Food #1

For my friend, her boyfriend, and myself, I do batch cooking. I love cooking, I love eating, and I love saving money. I was looking for a recipe that used up leftovers from a previous cooking project, would be high in protein, had some vegetables, and tasted ok. This is the recipe I started with: […]