In Come Out Go

Here’s what I am pretty sure will be coming in each month:

Approximately $2,400


And here’s what I’m certain is going out each month:

$33.47 – phone bill

$70 (on average) – electricity

$60 (on average, depending on life and fluctuating prices) – guzzoline



$30.68 – life insurance premium

$10.00 – gym membership (there will be a $30 annual fee at some point, too)

$51.90 – monthly cat health insurance

$200.11 – monthly Kelzor health insurance

$254.83 – student loans (subject to change, probably upward, based on my Income-Based Repayment renewal)

$125.00 – monthly check to parents to pay back the down payment I borrowed

$350.00 – monthly HOA dues

$324.14 – monthly mortgage payment

$10.83 – monthly Spotify payment

$10.00 – PayPal transfer to Amanda Palmer for her Patreon

Varies – groceries – let’s give a high estimate of $300.00/month

I also pay my car insurance premium annually when I renew, which is usually a payment of about $600 every summer, so we can count that as $50 a month I try not to touch each month that should go toward it.


With all of this, my total Out Go looks to be about:



Which, if I’m being generous to myself, leaves $519.04 per month to do with whatever I want.


However, I am building a fuck-off fund, or a fund of a new car, or whatever you want to call it, and my plan is to try and get it back where it was before I met my ex/started spending with a wild abandon.


Whenever I get a bonus at work (few and far between lately), I shove some of that extra money into savings. So my aggressive savings plan to get where I want to be by the end of the year will require an average of $436.00 per month.


Some months are going to be real tight.


What can I cut down on?


1) Groceries – I have a deal with a friend that is going to cut down on how much that is each month, and it’s already working;

2) Electricity – my condo is getting new windows and siding, so it will be more energy-efficient;

3) Gas – I can just go out less! Or walk. Or something;

And then any Fun Money (which encompasses going out, alcohol, hosting parties, and obligatory family gifts) will just need to be spent very, very carefully, since my current budget allows me about $80.


$80 of fun per month. When you like really nice beer. It doesn’t go far.


Alright, this is January’s estimate. Let’s see how this goes! I’ll start tracking every dollar out and in on February 8th (when I expect to get paid) so we’ll follow things on my monthly payment cycle.


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