Job Changes

A year ago, I was just a few days out from my current job, and now, I am facing my anniversary and some pay increases. Time flies!

I think what’s ultimately important is that I need to not increase my spending along with my increased income. It won’t be a ton of money, it never is for me, but if I am wise about it, I can probably use it to reach some larger long-term goals.

I also really need to see what I should do about the money I have sitting in my IRA. I was going to get it moved over to Vanguard, but I somehow did the paperwork wrong? I asked them to send me the portion I messed up so I could fix it, and they just sent me the whole application packet again.


I can probably talk to someone at work to see if there is a retirement plan I can roll it into, and how. Otherwise, I can always cash it out and use it toward my home refinance I am planning, but it would be taxed heavily.

If I can move forward with the refi, I am planning to borrow against the equity and then apply that to my student loans. Entirely. Wipe them out. No longer will I have to see my monthly payments go up, and no longer can I fear whatever wacky plans Betsy DeVos has. I’m hoping that will be done by the end of the year.

In other news, I am taking two trips: one to San Jose in the fall to see family/soccer, and one next year to NYC. That’s going to be a BIG blow-out of a trip, and I will spend a lot. But I’m saving for it. It will be good. It will be earned.


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