Sous Vide

After hitting a weight loss goal, I decided to go ahead and get an Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide Thing and now I’m going to make everything sous vide and I’m going to live my best Oprah life (I BET Oprah loves sous vide – everything with her is perfection and I am just picturing eating beautiful food on my balcony).

Oh! Speaking of my balcony, I got it all set for summer. I’ll do another post for that.

In other news, thanks to my low-carb life which is helping me meet these weight goals is also driving me crazy because all of my clothes, even the ones that are fitting BETTER, are fitting weird. I really abhor the feeling of a seam on my shoulder, and it’s just CONSTANT.

And now I need to start shopping for new clothes as I’m starting to get too small for some basics in my wardrobe.


It never ends.



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