Programming a Week

I’m back at the gym, everyone. I’m back!

With that, I do have more limits to my time. Part of getting around that is being more efficient with what little time I do have. Another part of that is spending less time doing things that don’t provide good value.


I read an article on “programming” a week so that you don’t have to waste time and brainpower by making decisions. You can program as much or as little as you want. I decided to give it a shot by planning out all my outfits for the week. This is for work, and for the gym. It was kind of a hassle! Because I couldn’t find all the socks I need for my work shoes. But, I was pretty relieved to do that during the weekend and spend 20-30 minutes doing it in one fell swoop, when it usually takes me ten minutes per day. That saves me about 20ish minutes total, but more importantly, that’s ten minutes each morning I can spend cuddling my poor kitties who never see me.

Since this worked so well for me, I am going to experiment with doing more programming of other things. Planning out what to eat for a week, so I can just grab and go with a prepared set of items in the morning instead of having to assemble a lunch. Planning which chore/chores to do each evening so that I spend a few minutes each night on one project instead of spending an entire weekend morning cramming it all in instead of enjoying myself.

I’m not sure how much else I can actually program. Some people derive value from spending less time on social media, sticking to a specific list of podcasts/books/tv to consume, but I never know what I’ll feel like on any given day. I do know that having a program will take away the impulse to drive past the store on my way home to pick up bread and ice cream, my two most insane vices as of late, because dinner will already have been decided. I’m hoping that in addition to the time saved, this will help with impulse control. I’m hoping for an easier life. I’m hoping for a break.

It’s not too much to ask.



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