Minimalism, or Something Like It

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been listening to The Minimalists‘ podcast and finding it inspiring and not too prescriptive. I think there’s a lot of stuff I have that I don’t need (duh) and a lot less stuff I need to constantly get (also duh) (but I still have to buy toilet paper sometimes).

A substantial amount of the money I spend on myself now, for funsies, is on soccer tickets and the like. I’m purchasing more experiences and fewer belongings. And I really like that. Cutting down on bringing new stuff into my home is major, and actually dealing with the stuff I have is a hard and lengthy (heh) process. But I’m getting better at it.

Two things I really want to do: clear off my balcony and get it ready for summer, and get my house as cleared out as I can. In that, I will store some things in the garage if I’m unsure how much I want them, and if they’re still there in about a year, then they go bye bye.

But that raises the question of what I do have in my garage already. And one of those things is my KitchenAid stand mixer. Cobalt blue, free, and hasn’t been in my house once since I moved in 2.5 years ago. I either need to start using it, or parting with it.

So, once I drag my gardening supplies out of the garage in the next week or two, I’m grabbing that mixer, and I’m going to start using it, or it gets sold. It’s not in perfect condition, but I bet I can get like $50, which I could put toward my balcony project.

Speaking of the balcony, I currently have a wish list on Ikea’s website for how to doll it up, and I’m legit embarrassed by how much shit is on it. It’s a small space. It’s about 12 x 4, but really more like 12 x 3.5 because the railing is pretty wide. I need to keep that in mind.

Here’s my current estimation of the size, and my projected finished product. Haha, we’ll see, we’ll see.


balcony idea
well this is the plan anyway




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