Sow Buttons

Last night, I had a really hard time getting settled to sleep. I don’t know why I was so agitated – I didn’t have any caffeine past noon, per my rules, and I ate well during the day. I lingered too long watching TV, started my evening reading late, and everything kind of crumbled.

Real gross confession: my shower drain clogs maybe once a season, and I will NEVER clean it out. I will vomit, die, be resurrected, and vomit-die again before I clean it out. That is the most disgusting prospect in my entire life. So I use drain chemicals instead. Once you come to terms with “one individual’s contributions to environmentalism aren’t actually going to make a lick of difference” and assuage your guilt by still sorting your recycling, you can dump a lot of shit down your drain.

So, while I was puttering, reading, petting cats, and whatever, I remembered that my drain wasn’t draining very well, so I dumped the last of a bottle of shit on down. And then I needed to wait 15 minutes. Ideally, I would have left it overnight, but since the bathroom is where my problem cat lives (have I explained this? my bathroom is more like a huge laundry room that also has fixtures and she has to live there because she pees on carpets), I didn’t want to expose her to a lot of fumes.

I needed to kill some time, and while I could have, oh, done some fucking dishes or cleaned my fucking kitchen floor, I decided to play around with sowing some seeds for my balcony garden.

I got these little Jiffy peat pod things because my success rate of growing things in plastic cups last year was… questionable. These things are flat discs you puff up with water, then you move around some peat in the middle, plant your seed to the desired depth, and pop the lid back on so the warmth and humidity do their job and get you some baby plants. Since I’m doing far fewer plants this year, this was a really good no-mess way for me to get going and not have, I kid you not, an entire bag of potting soil in my kitchen like I did last year.

The lil’ puffed up peat pods
all stuffed with seeds and ready to germinate
nasturtium, green bean, eggplant, and ground cherries

Then I went back and ran some hot water down my drain and things got marginally better in the shower.

It still took me ages to actually fall asleep, and I woke up before my alarm, but maybe that’s because I’m super excited to see if growing eggplants will actually work.

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