Hey Buddy

Well. This is probably going to be a theme. The “I am so seriously going to adhere to this project, this time, I swear it” and then I fall apart. A little birdie told me my blog was missed. So I guess I’m going to do this again.

I’ve decided that I really want to travel, and I really need my kitchen to be remodeled, especially if I want to sell my house at some point and make a profit so I can buy something bigger (say, a duplex so that Furiosa can live on the other side with her animals and I can avoid the hay, and I can live on my side and she can avoid the cat fur). Both of these require lots of money. I require spending that money without incurring a lot of debt.

I’ve let the budgetary plans go quite a bit in the last couple of months. With the seasons turning, with my schedule limited, with my laziness and habits settling back in, and with a billion other excuses, I am buying convenience foods, things I don’t need, and not sticking to my plans as well.

So, it’s my birthday this month, and I’m going to enjoy that. But, I am going to spend some serious effort in keeping November tighter in the budget, especially as I need to save for holiday shopping.

Here are some things I’ve already done:

  1. I am keeping my Saturday job, but I am changing the terms a bit. I was initially going to let my license expire and effectively quit on my birthday, but now I am renewing it and a) get the hourly pay for at least a few months longer, and b) I am finally earning commission on my sales, which is motivating as hell. This adds about $200-$300 to my income each month, and it’s not backbreaking work, so after some long, long, long internal debates (and pleading from my boss there), I am going to stay. I’m working on my license renewal this week.
  2. I am cancelling my old life insurance policy that I purchased at my old job. I get a life policy at work, and while I *know* that work life insurance and privately purchased life insurance operate differently and each have advantages/disadvantages, this is about $30/month that I can keep.
  3. I am cancelling my gym membership. With my work and commute schedule, I do NOT get over there. There is a GREAT gym at work, which is much more expensive, but if I can prove to myself that I can keep my budget in check, then maybe I can justify the extra expense and I’ll actually go, since it’s so much easier to get there. I can just hop down when I’m done, and then get all sedate on a 90 minute bus ride; currently, by the time I get off the bus, I am so exhausted I really can’t peel myself off the floor to do anything, let alone a 30 minute gym trip. We’ll see how that goes.

Here are some things I am planning on doing:

  1. I am going to do some serious spending assessments over November, including spending as little as possible on food while keeping it as nutritionally sound as possible. I just read this blog: Hungry for A Month, and while I appreciate the intent, I am going going to live off of ramen and rice the whole time. I want to focus on eggs, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, and make sure I get enough protein. And take a multivitamin. I think I can make it on $3/day (a goal I attempted earlier this summer and gave up on pretty quickly). I have some food at home, and then I’ll be careful with what I purchase.
  2. I am giving up dairy by November 8th. Furiosa has to give up gluten, and she’s choosing to give up caffeine mostly, so let’s all give up something we love.
  3. I need to drink less. Obviously I will be cutting back when I am spending less on groceries, but I will try to continue that habit after November, too, as drinking up my money, even if it’s only a few bucks a week, is surely adding up.

Anyway. Now here’s the kick in the tits. My savings goals:


For kitchen remodel: $15,000

Bathroom remodel: additional $5,000 plus anything left over from kitchen savings

Travel: $10,000, which will include a trip to NYC some time in 2018, and a trip to Montreal/Quebec City in 2024, and probably some other small but enjoyable trips within that time frame.


That’s $30,000 kids. That’s $30,000 in eight years. Wish me luck.




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