Hi! The new job has been going on for about three weeks, and I enjoy it pretty well so far! The money isn’t going to change much day-to-day for me, but there are some costs that are going to either be eliminated or diminished substantially:

  1. health insurance – was about $200/month – now it’s included in work, and there’s a small deduction taken out each check for some extras with disability/life insurance
  2. phone bill – have a work number now
  3. gas – I have filled up once this month, and I will fill up again tomorrow, and that’s only because I’m going to the coast with a friend and her kiddos – I could probably make it another week at LEAST on what I have right now
  4. wear and tear on my car – I drive two miles to and from the transit center each day to take the bus, so I can extend time between oil changes, and other things that need to get repaired/replaced (e.g. tires, etc)
  5. impulsive shopping – my last job didn’t have a place to hang out on lunches, so I had to leave daily and do… what? a lot of thrift store shopping, a lot of mindless shopping. Don’t do that here.
  6. evening expenses – since i cannot do anything on weeknights, I don’t do pub quiz, I don’t go to soccer games, I don’t do anything like that at all, most weekdays I pretty much don’t spend any money


SO. While I am not really increasing income, I am going to reduce the out-go substantially. I think. I hope. I pray. I will.


I will.


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