The Low-Quality Trap

When I go grocery shopping, I’m like ‘budget Budget BUDGET’ at all cost (ha!) and don’t really pay attention to quality. “TEN DOLLARS for a fancy pasta sauce!” I decry. And then I’ll pay 1.5 times that for a plate of fancy pasta at a restaurant and it feels like “I DESERVE THIS.”

So, since I need to eat out less, I’m gradually getting myself stocked with some higher quality foods so 1) I will want to eat out less, and 2) because they taste good. My freezer has some pre-portioned salmon, mahi mahi, and perch which are great protein and Cheaper Than Restaurants. And today, since I’m doing low-carb again, but crave that umami/sharp flavor of beer, I’m replacing it with very nice cheeses. So I spent Real Dollars on Real Food and will get Real Flavor and it’s actually a Real Value.

So, there. It’s hard to have a high grocery bill, but if $50 here and there (once a week-ish) prevents wasting money on beer or getting a big ol’ tab at a bar and grill, I’ll take it.

This post was so lazy and not actually very cheap, but in the long run maybe it will be.





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