The Low-Quality Trap

When I go grocery shopping, I’m like ‘budget Budget BUDGET’ at all cost (ha!) and don’t really pay attention to quality. “TEN DOLLARS for a fancy pasta sauce!” I decry. And then I’ll pay 1.5 times that for a plate of fancy pasta at a restaurant and it feels like “I DESERVE THIS.” So, since […]

Gardening Update and Annoying My Family

Really Brief little update, I took the day off for Fam Times and have been working on the garden and it’s going okay. Here are my tips for enduring when spring pretends to be summer and you have a lot of shit to do. First, when gardening, try not to look like a total serial […]

The World Is Probably Literally Ending

Well, T-Rump is the presumptive GOP nominee, and while you’re like “idk what this has to do with budgets, Kelzor, since he drives a gold-plated plane,” let me tell you, it does. Because we have to prepare for Armageddon. But we also have to do it in a way that is fiscally responsible. Unlike T-Rump. […]