It’s Community Garden Week, Dorks!

Guys, guys, guys, I am invigorated right now! I saw three soccer games over the last week and it was a thrill, an absolute thrill. I also got properly set up to do volunteer work at the Oregon Humane Society, and with just one class on handling cats safely, I’ll be on my way to petting basically all the sad kitties in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s going to be hot as hell today, but even that’s okay. It means that the seeds I’ve planted will probably sprout a bit better, and since the whole crate of them was brought indoors, the little seedlings probably won’t die a harsh death either.

Here’s where things are at right now:

  1. My seedlings are sprouting in eggshells because we’re hippies now, all of us, hippies!
  2. I have a 20 X 20 plot that should be near enough to a spigot so I won’t need hose extenders this year
  3. My mom has started tomato seeds for me since I usually have the WORST luck getting a tomato plant going from seed, and those are nearing outdoor hardiness
  4. On Saturday, we have our first official planting day, so we are going to take the freshly-tilled dirt, mound it into rows, soak it down so it compacts well and good (it’s very lose, very soft dirt, and your ankle will be swallowed up straight away if you aren’t prepared), and then we’ll pin down weed cloth over the whole thing so we can just cut holes in as-needed to plant everything. The weeds last year were a NIGHTMARE. I couldn’t keep up on my own, and those weeds were literal monsters.
  5. In order to provide more shade for the plot, along the west edge of it, we will plant a row or two of corn, and along the south edge, a row of sunflowers.

Here is the like 2/3 successful seedling endeavor so far (a lot of the melon and squash seeds seem to have been duds so I’ll redo those):


Veggies in an eggshell, veggie power!


That photo was from the weekend and it’s gotten a bit bigger since. Obviously, nasturtiums don’t need to be babied, but the rest of it (broccoli, corn, okra, and so on) are being a bit more delicate. More photos will come, I’m sure of it.


Anyway. Life. It’s exciting. Fresh, free(ish) veggies are even more exciting.


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