Alcohol, Money, Food, AND Health

First thing’s first, I’m the realest.

Second thing’s second, I drink too much. Part of my monthly fitness challenge, which is going lazily and overall not awesome, is to cut back on my drinking, so I’m doing that. And, wouldn’t you know it, I’m saving money. And realizing that maybe I could go even longer without alcohol. So far, I’ve not had anything at all to drink in over a week, which is the longest I’ve gone in… years probably.

So, my “fun money” cash-only budget this month isn’t dwindling as fast as it would otherwise. But it is still dwindling, because I’m eating like SHIT. Which is making me feel terrible. Like, gross, terrible, awful, etc. But I can’t really stop myself. If I had any sort of proclivity towards addition, I am 100% convinced that it’s food more so than alcohol (I’m fine without!) and smoking (did it for years and can go years and years between cigarettes without so much as an itch!).

So, the next month’s food challenge is going to hit things a lot harder, and hopefully result in even more cheap eatin’.

My four goals for every day in April:

  1. No Alcohol
  2. Walk 5k every day
  3. Vegan Before Six every day (I’m reading the book, and I was vegan for about three years, so I think I’ll be fine – just need to make sure it’s not too much expensive vegan convenience food, and more like whole-food meals)

My evenings, I can have a burger and a diet soda if I want. But only then. I ate a cheeseburger for breakfast and even dove into some ice cream while watching the news. I AM ASHAMED.

me basically always because I am THE WORST



I also did my taxes! And I’m going to be able to put $500 from my refund (nearly all of it) directly into savings towards my future car purchase, which means my anticipated money savings towards a new car is way ahead of schedule! That’s super.

I also had an expensive vet visit last week but it wasn’t as bad as it’s usually been. Dang cat got a dang ear infection. Dang.

So, in short, my Lazy Idiot thing needs to get a little less lazy and a lot less idiot but at least I’m trying!


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