General Budgetary Updates From The Capital

Literally nobody liked my post about getting your student loan payments down  and that is DISHEARTENING because I know I’m not the only one with massive debt. But that’s beside the point. The point is that this blog has no thesis statement and I just like posting things that are interesting to me, which primarily center around the easiest way to not waste money but also mainly just the easiest things. Maybe that’s my thesis?

So. Here are my recent updates.

  1. I am collecting eggshells to start my seedlings for my community garden plot. We get to start planting in about 6-7 weeks so I think that’s enough time to get that going.
  2. My year-end bonus finally came and I popped the whole thing in savings. I’m soooo much closer to a good number to replace this car with a decent car if it died tomorrow, so the more I save, the better the car I can get when this one dies.
  3. I’m working on not spending as much, which means not carrying my debit card with me currently, and only a little cash. This FAILED for me majorly yesterday, because I need to get my cat’s prescription cat food, and only had a check, and the pet store’s computer wouldn’t take it. And I forgot to grab extra cash and/or my card this morning, so my lunch today is going to consist of me running home, getting my debit card, running to the pet store, buying the cat food, and then trying desperately to avoid buying Timbers tickets while I have my debit card with me for the rest of the afternoon.

That’s basically it. Here’s a gif.



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