Cheap-Ass Food #3: Burrito Bowls (sort of)

I haven’t posted for a few days because I’ve been dying of sick. Also my monthly budget has taken a hit, since being sick means I needed to restock my medicine cabinet, and I couldn’t handle cooking or even reheating much of what I’d already cooked, so I got some (really not cheap) convenience foods in my pain and misery.

how my sinuses feel right now tbh



So. Here is a thing I cooked and froze a bit ago. It’s not so much “cooked” as assembled, but by making a few things from scratch, I saved some skrill.

Burrito Bowls! But they’re in bags. Because they went in a freezer.

The origin of this is that I cooked up a crap-ton of white rice with a chicken bullion cube, and I had to get rid of it all, but I couldn’t eat it all myself. And dude, I tried. I had chicken with teriyaki sauce, and I made a crab cake but instead of crab I used tuna (it was actually pretty good), and I even made little rice balls, like dumplings, that I baked, and they were so carby but pretty tasty. But I still had so much rice! How the hell did I have so much rice? ???

So, how do you get rid of rice? You portion it into muffin tins and freeze it and think about it and then go shopping and realize that you haven’t made anything with any Mexican influence in a while.

Burrito Bowls (in baaaaags)

  • 8 cups (I guess) of cooked white rice
  • 1 bag of Dried Black Beans from Walmart (it makes 6.5 cups cooked – they were soaked for 24 hours and then cooked with some garlic and cayenne til they were a billion percent soft because I think my mom consistently under-cooked beans and it traumatized me)
  • 28 ounces of cooked chicken (I used white meat for Furiosa and dark meat for Sequoia, and a mix for myself)
  • 1 jar of salsa (just whatever salsa)
  • 1 pound of shredded cheddar

Everything got divvied up into bags. Sequoia got double portions, Furiosa got standard ones, and I got mine with cauliflower subbed in for rice, because rice is a temptress I do not need in my life anymore.


Burrtio Bags.JPG

Not bad, eh?


So easy. So easy. Like absurd easy. One of the easiest things. Everything was simple to cook, and then you either chop it up or drain it and then you shovel it in bags.


I can’t speak to the rice ones (they’re likely better), but this was good, and cheese on cauliflower is excellent, and more hot sauce is also good.


I left my notes at home (lazy idiot) but it was about $1.25 per portion or thereabouts, I think. Something like that. It might have been a bit more because there was so much meat used, in total.

Bonus, here’s what my kitchen looks like when I’m portioning meals:

meal preppin.JPG
Sad? Mad? Bad? No.

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